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Raising the Unconscious to Consciousness

Human Facets has a deep knowledge and expertise in the area of Global Inclusion and Unconscious Bias and in addition to having three psycho-metric assessment tools measuring Unconscious Bias and Inclusion (Cognizant, Blind Spots, and the ISM Profile); we are now offering this e-learning program – “Adjusting Your Mirrors”. The program is designed to be an enjoyable and interactive learning experience, bringing the topic to life in a manner which allows you to immediately relate to how to manage blind spots and create a more inclusive workplace.


Adjusting Your Mirrors

Our classroom based Unconscious Bias training program and workshops offer a robust solution to enable leaders to address their unconscious biases. It utilizes “Cognizant”, an online assessment tool that measures unconscious bias, providing measurable results providing the leverage needed to create an inclusive workplace.


Embedding Inclusion

Human Facets® Embedding Inclusion program is a unique and comprehensive program designed to create an inclusive environment and embed new behaviors into the fabric of organizations.



Dr. Turnbull shares her thought leadership and research on how unconscious biases are impacting the quality of your day to day decision making and affecting your ability to attract, retain and advance diverse talent. Visit Dr. Helen Turnbull’s page on YouTube to learn more and watch the discussion on “Inclusion, Exclusion, Illusion and Collusion” at TEDxDelrayBeach.

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Freud said it couldn’t be done, but he didn’t live in the 21st Century.

Freud tells us that our unconscious mind is buried so deep in our psyche that we may not really be able to access it; but today in the field of Neuro-Science we have a much better understanding not only of how the brain works, but how our unconscious biases play a significant role in our decision making. We can catch our biases; we can move them from the back of our neck to the edge of our shoulders. Daniel Kahneman speaks of Fast and Slow Thinking and highlights the fact that System 1 (Intuitive thinking) is replete with unconscious biases. We all have them. No one gets to be a phenomenological exception and in this program we will explain what they are; show you how to catch them and tell you what you can do about them.


Why Human Facets? Learn about our track record on Inclusion and Unconscious Bias. If you are serious about creating a more inclusive environment we can help you

Dr. Helen Turnbull speaks about what it takes to create an inclusive work environment. She discusses the challenges and barriers that need to be overcome and addresses the importance of engaging the hearts and minds of the key leaders in order to leverage any inclusion initiatives.

Human Facets specializes in Global Inclusion, Unconscious Bias and Diversity.

Human Facets specializes in Global Inclusion, Unconscious Bias and Diversity. Human Facets is an internationally recognized Global Inclusion and Diversity consulting practice. We work with major client systems on their Global Inclusion and Diversity programs utilizing our depth of knowledge, expertise and psycho-metric assessment tools on Unconscious bias and Inclusion to provide clients with compelling data and measurable outcomes to leverage their inclusion efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The program is designed to not only inform participants about what unconscious bias is and provide examples of how it shows up in the workplace; it is also designed to build a strong case for creating an inclusive environment by explaining how unconscious obstacles and challenges are inhibiting achievement of that goal.

No: Each course progresses sequentially to a deeper level of awareness and the learner cannot proceed to the next course until they have successfully completed the previous course. The program is designed to build a strong case for creating an inclusive environment by explaining how unconscious bias creates obstacles and challenges which inhibit the achievement of a fully inclusive workplace.

No. “Cognizant” and “Blind-Spot” are online Unconscious Bias Assessment tools and the “ISM Profile” is an online Self-assessment and 360-Degree assessment which measures Inclusion Skills Gaps. They can be used together or separately and are not connected to the VT E-Learning program. They are typically linked to classroom style workshops and optional 1:1 coaching. For more information contact Scott Cabrera at

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Learn how to manage your blind spots and create a more inclusive workplace with Human Facets virtual training.
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